CHIPS for America Act

“Creating Helpful Incentives to Produce Semiconductors for America” (CHIPS for America) was enacted in the 2021 National Defense Authorization Act on a bipartisan basis, because Congress recognizes the criticality of U.S. leadership in semiconductors. With large incentives offered by other countries’ governments and an ongoing semiconductor shortage, now is the time to fully fund investments in U.S. semiconductor manufacturing and research to help ensure the long-term strength and resilience of America’s chip supply chains.

We urge leaders in Washington to ensure America is the world’s preeminent place to produce this critical technology by fully funding the CHIPS for America Act.


For more information about why increased federal investment in domestic semiconductor manufacturing and research is needed, visit the
CHIPS for America Act webpage.

About the Semiconductors in America Coalition

The Semiconductors in America Coalition is a cross-sector alliance of companies that make and use semiconductors. Its mission is to help bolster America’s economy, critical infrastructure, and national defense by advocating policies that promote semiconductor manufacturing in the U.S., and that foster greater U.S.-driven innovation in semiconductor technology.

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